辦公室英語 辦公室英語


(1)Don't mention it. 沒關系,別客氣。

(2)Who knows! 天曉得!

(3)It is not a big deal! 沒什么了不起!

(4)How come… 怎么回事,怎么搞的。

(5)Easy does it. 慢慢來。

(6)Don't push me. 別逼我。

(7)Come on! 快點,振作起來!

(8)Have a good of it.玩的很高興。

(9)It is urgent. 有急事。

(10)What is the fuss? 吵什么?

(11)Still up? 還沒睡呀?

(12)It doesn't make any differences. 沒關系。

(13)Don't let me down. 別讓我失望。

(14)God works. 上帝的安排。

(15)Don't take ill of me. 別生我氣。

(16)Hope so. 希望如此。

(17)Go down to business. 言歸正傳。

(18)None of my business. 不關我事。

(19)It doesn't work. 不管用。

(20)I'm not going. 我不去了。

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    Office protocol can make it different for one employee to ask anther for help. While no one likes the shirker who never seems to be able to quite get his own projects finished and turns helplessly to

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    mr. smiths office is located on ninth street to the south of see mr. smiths big desk and chair standing on the left. beside that is the secretarys smaller desk and chair. on the right, a supply cabine

  • 辦公室英語句子2018-11-14

    1. never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. 麻煩沒來找你,就別去自找麻煩。 第一、四個trouble是動詞,第二、三個trouble是名詞。 2. i think that that that that that student wrote on the blackboar

  • 辦公室白領實用的電話英語大全2018-08-28

    要找的人不在的理由 1. He is not in right now. 他現在不在。 2. No one answers in Mr. Scotts office. 史考特先生的辦公室沒人接電話。 3. Hes here but hes not at his desk right now. 他有來上班,不過現在不

  • 辦公室白領的實用電話英語2018-08-28

    I would like to speak to your director of human resources, Ms. Jenkins, please. 我想找你們的人力資源部主任詹金斯小姐說話. Just a moment, Ill check to see if she is at her desk. 稍等,我去看看她在不在辦

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    林先生注意到美籍主管Jim經常會提出部屬表現出色的地方,并且在適當的時候給予贊美,激發他們做得更好。拜Jim提的點子所賜,工作進展非常順利。一次林先生叫住了吉姆。 Mr.Lin: Jim, your idea really helped us a l

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    Arranging a banquet A: Good afternoon. Lotus Catering Company. Lilian speaking. May I help you? B: Good afternoon. Lilian. This is Tom Baker over at Beck’s Trading company. We need to arrange a banqu

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    當別人在你旁邊羅嗦個沒完,你煩透了,說You are so boring,辦公室里常用的英語口語妙句。(你真煩!)。Shut up!(閉嘴!)自然沒錯,可人家受得了嗎?不如來一句Oh, come on. Give me a break ! (幫幫忙,讓我歇歇吧

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    當別人在你旁邊羅嗦個沒完,你煩透了,說“you are so boring “,辦公室常用的英語口語妙句。(你真煩。!皊hut up

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    Rearranging a flight A:Hi, United Airlines? This is Elizabeth parks calling. I have a reservation on the 2:30 p.m. flight to Shanghai this afternoon. B: Yes, Miss Parks? How may I help you? A: Well,

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    A delayed lunch order A: Hello! We’ve been waiting for our lunch order for over an hour. Did you forget our order? B: I’m sorry, sir. Could you tell me your name and order again, please? I’ll check

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    Arranging a budget discussion A: Roger? Would it be possible to meet with you to discuss my department’s budget? B: Of course, Debbie. Let me look at my schedule, -- I have some free time on the 12th

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    Requesting boss’ criticism A: Mr. Farmington? Would you take a look at these catalogue ads that Roger did? I don’t think we can use them. B: Hmm. I see what you mean. Have you spoken with Roger? He

  • 在辦公室中常用的英語口語2018-08-14

    趕上了! I made it! *可以用于上班、上學和坐車時的情況。 I made it! (我趕上了!) Not quite. (那可未必。) Im on time! I arrived on time! (正點到達。) 要嚴格遵守時間。 Be punctual! Be punctual! (要嚴格遵守

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    Making a rush order A: Print shop. Seam speaking. B: Hi, Sean. It’s Mary in Mr. Emory’s office. I placed an order for 1,000 bound copies of a staff manual last week. A: It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks

  • 新人報到第一天的辦公室英語口語2018-08-09

    1.新人開口第一句:介紹 經典表達: Good morning. I’m new here. Please let me introduce myself. 早上好。我是新來的。我先自我介紹一下。 舉一反三: Hello, my name is XXX. You can call me XXX. Would you p

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